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LAST UPDATE 10-17-19 classes are weather pending, please call if interested :)

CLASSES ARE COACHED - (January - December)

We may have to cancel due to bad weather,

$100 non refundable DEPOSIT required at sign up, balance due at class

we take visa/mc/disc or cash which ever is most convenient.

There is an online eCourse thru the MSF that you will have to complete prior to your class, PLEASE CALL 775-741-5821 to sign up (we will issue a coupon code for payment)

BRC MUST have at least 2 students to do a class 

October 2019 Schedule

If classes are full please check back for a cancelation

    PLEASE  CALL 775-741-5821 

(If  a class is full and/or you would like to use your own motorcycle it must be a street legal motorcycle 600cc or less in good condition & you must provide your own insurance)               

19 - 20  Sat - Sun      BRC                FULL

21 22   Mon - Tue      BRC                OPEN

30 - 31  Wed - Thur     BRC             OPEN

November 2019 Schedule

If classes are full please check back for a cancelation

    PLEASE  CALL 775-741-5821 

2 - 3   Sat - Sun      BRC                    OPEN

24 - 25  Sun - Mon      BRC                 OPEN

26 - 27 Tue - Wed      BRC               5  OPEN

30 - 1  Sat - Sun      BRC                     OPEN

December 2019 Schedule TBA

If classes are full please check back for a cancelation

    PLEASE  CALL 775-741-5821 

Sun - Mon      BRC                   TBA OPEN

Mon - Tue      BRC                  TBA OPEN

Tue - Wed      BRC                  TBA OPEN

Wed - Thur     BRC                 TBA OPEN

Thurs - Fri      BRC                 TBA OPEN

Fri - Sat       BRC                     TBA  OPEN

Sat - Sun      BRC                     TBA OPEN

BRC (Basic Rider Course) $275
A two day class from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (times may vary)
This course is a minimum of 20 hrs of instruction (Class's times may vary) Classroom is approx 10 hrs of adult centered learning, with workbooks and DVD visual aides.   Range is approx.  10 hrs and consists of 14 exercises on the motorcycle. Completion of the class will be a 25 question multiple choice written test, and 5 riding skills evaluation. (80% passing) not a guarantee pass
You will be issued a completion card after passing the course, to take to the DMV which will WAIVE all requirements for your motorcycle endorsement, in NV, (If inquiring out of State please check with your DMV) Unfortunately CA does not honor a MSF course outside their State for license waiver.  Some of you may be learning to ride for the first time. Some may have limited experience and others may have a lot of experience. This course is designed for the beginning rider: It progresses from simple to more difficult tasks. Your expectations may be to learn to ride, or to improve your knowledge and skill. This course is designed to prepare riders for street riding and can accommodate those expectations.

DIRT BIKE RIDERS: ( at an hourly rate, training bikes not provided) These are not MSF certifiedAl & Drake McElroy, have several years of both racing and riding on and off road.  They can help enhance and hone new riders, as well as experienced riders skills.

Dual Sport - Highway and off road skills

Trail / Desert & Off Road - Sand wash, dirt road, hills, etc...



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